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BIM M130-135

The BIM M13x series of bus interface modules is based on the Renesas 78K0/Kx2 microcontroller family providing state of the art flash technology. This enables the application designer to utilize a modern tool chain including debug tools leading to shorter development times. In addition the BIM M13x series is designed with a high degree of hardware compatibility to BIM M111/115 and BIM M113 enabling to replace the BIM M111/113/115 in existing hardware and in most cases reducing the development effort to the application software. As in BIM M111/113/115 the application interface includes the PEI,Reset,two PWMs and one processor port. The BIM M13x modules contain the BCU 2.5 system software compliant to the KNX specification.


BIM M13x Bus Interface Modules

BIM Microcontroller Flash
M130 78F0534 8Kbyte for approx. 40 communication objects
M131 78F0535 16Kbyte for approx. 100 communication objects
M132 78F0537 48Kbyte for approx. 250 communication objects
M135 BIM M130 with extended temperature range -25 to +70C

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