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TPUART2 the next generation



TPUART2 is the next generation of the TPUART chip. It is digitally compatible with its predecessor. Communication stacks and drivers can be used without modification.

Efficient stabilized power supply 5V or 3.3V with max. current 30mA (up to    50mA if the 20V power supply is not used.)
Power supply 20V with max. current 25mA and current limiting function
Signaling for standard UART 
Baud rate 9600 or 19200 baud:TPUART2 >< Host - Controller

Baud rate 115200 or 19200 baud:TPUART2+ >< Host - Controller

Direct coupling to host controller (TxD, RxD)
2 - wire protocol with software handshake
Buffering of send frames
No critical timing during transmission
64 Byte send telegram buffer
Supervision of KNX bus voltage
Operating temperature range:-25C to 85C


QFN36 package

TP-UART2 evaluation board

TP-UART2 test board


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