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Development Toolpackage

The development of an application software for the new BIM M13x is supported by a modern development environment. The evaluation board (EVB) comprises the circuitry of the BIM M3x series containing a special debug type of the microcontroller, which [...]

TP-UART2 Evaluation Board

The TP-UART2  Evaluation Board gives the user the capability to connect an application to the KNX bus in an early development state for prototyping and/or evaluate the features of Siemens TPUART2. In addition to the TP-UART2- BTM2-PCB the the [...]


The BTM-PCB is an interface to KNX bus with a integrated TP-UART 2 device  (works in Normal mode) The BTI-Interface offers two voltages (DC 5V, DC 20V) The UART-Interface on the BTI works with 19.2kBaud in asynchronus mode, 2-wire protocol (TxD, [...]

Starter Kit

For commissioning and testing we offer a KNX hardware environment consisting of a power supply, an Interface (alternatively RS232, USB or IP), a push button sensor and a 230V/2x10A actor. Furthermore 2 meters of KNX cable and the corresponding [...]