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KNX Transceiver IC's: TP-UART & FZE1066

The TPUART contains the physical coupling to KNX only. The communication system is supplied by the firmware of a 78F053x microcontroller via a standard UART Interface. The TPUART was developed to relieve the microcontroller of the bit coding and decoding duty on the one hand and to allow the coupling to KNX through different microcontrollers on the other hand.

Available current for bus powered devices: 10mA @ 5V

The FZE1066 Transceiver device is designed according the KNX specification and offers a bit-interface especially for the use of the MC68HC05 microcontoller series. Designs with other microcontrollers are possible too.

Available current for bus powered devices: 30mA @ 5V & 5mA @ 20V

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