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IP/KNX Data Server for connection of up to four non-KNX IP devices

With the SIMip data server, IP products that were not originally intended for KNX connection can be connected to the KNX TP bus system. Hereby, SIMip serves as extension for IP end devices and IP units. In this way, up to four non-KNX devices with suitable IP connectivity (TCP/IP) can be controlled via KNX.


Features / Benefits

  • Up to 1024 objects available.
  • Operating modes RAW Mode, Interoperability Mode and Transparent Mode.
  • Every single group object can be configured separately.
  • IP devices linked to SIMip can be disconnected on a button press.
  • With the Function button SIMip can also be reset to factory default settings.
  • IP devices can be connected directly and via Ethernet.
Product Description Price + VAT + Freight
SIMip IP/KNX Data Server 230 €

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