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KNX Chipset

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KNX Microcontrollers

The Renesas µPD78F053x microcontrollers contain the BCU 2.5 system software compliant to the KNX specification. According to the Flashmemory you can load from about 40 up to 250 communication objects. Package: 64-PIN-TQFP (fine pitch)  7x7mm [...]

KNX Transceiver IC's: TP-UART & FZE1066

The TPUART contains the physical coupling to KNX only. The communication system is supplied by the firmware of a 78F053x microcontroller via a standard UART Interface. The TPUART was developed to relieve the microcontroller of the bit coding and [...]

TPUART2 the next generation

TP-UART2 TP-UART2+ TPUART2 is the next generation of the TPUART chip. It is digitally compatible with its predecessor. Communication stacks and drivers can be used without modification. Features• Efficient stabilized power supply 5V or 3.3V with [...]